About us

Game Assets Marketplace is an online hub for developers, creators, and publishers. We are focused on the most sophisticated solution to buy and sell game assets.

About Game Assets Marketplace


Our mission:

To become the best place to trade game assets. We have a lot of user-friendly tools and features to simplify the publishing process.

On the other hand, the buying process is the most straightforward solution around.

Our goal is to make our members happy by providing a Nice, Simple, Easy, and Working service.

Who we are:

Game Assets Marketplace is an Irish startup based in Dublin. A local software company powers our platform, and a dedicated team manages the business service.

We are still a small to mid-size company, but hopefully, in the near future, we'll expand a bit more.

We are here to stay and grow!

Why choose:

There are many reasons to choose the platform. To stick to our mission for simplicity, we'll explain only the main benefits:

For Asset Buyers (indie game developers):

  • User-friendly interface
  • Lots of filters and sorting tools
  • Quick shopping process
  • Transaction and download history
  • Reliable customer service

For Asset Sellers (asset creators and publishers):

  • The very low commission per order
  • Option to publish free assets
  • Quick approval time - within 24 hours
  • Premium listing on a meager cost
  • Reliable support

And much more...

Thank you for choosing Game Assets Marketplace!

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