Game Ideas

Create a game using selected assets, ready monetization idea, following upgrades, and trending themes.

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New Game Ideas
Game Theme

Game Theme

Ready genre, scenario, and script idea for development
Game Asset

Game Assets

Terrain, characters, effects, audio, and more
Game Monetization

Monetization Method

Ideas about some popular methods to earn more
Game Upgrades

Next Upgrades

Information on what type of updates to offer

Space game idea - create an addictive space game

Space game ready pack with characters, audio, space stations, and special effects.
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Adventure Game Assets - Viking Expedition VS Orcs and Goblins

Ready asset pack to create an adventure game with vikings, orcs, goblins, and heroes.
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Casual Games Asset Pack, Theme, and Monetization Ideas

Create a Casual Game with everything you need to make interesting and profitable game. The pack includes...
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Create Fantasy Games

List of all the necessary assets to make a Fantasy Game - Characters, Environment, Music, Audio FX.
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