Casual Games Asset Pack, Theme, and Monetization Ideas

Casual Games Asset Pack, Theme, and Monetization Ideas

Create a Casual Game with everything you need to make interesting and profitable game. The pack includes all the necessary assets plus game theme suggestion.

Asset combination for a successful game

  • Game theme - Endless runner in 3D city who needs to collect more coins and to avoid all monsters
  • Monetization methods - paid shields, extra life, speed, invisible mode, or watch ads and avoid the troubles.
  • Extra features - leaderboard and ranking, multi-player runner with an option to take other players coins in 1:1 run.
  • Regular upgrades - more maps, more characters, more types of coins, hidden treasures.

What are the casual game assets:

  1. Main Characters - The Players
  2. Monsters and Creatures
  3. Environments & Terrains
  4. Music Effects and Audio
  5. Elements - Coins, Treasures, Gems

You need just to make it happen!








Are you ready to put all these game assets into a casual game?