Space game idea - create an addictive space game

Space game idea - create an addictive space game

Asset combination for a successful game - Keep the alien queen in prison, collect more gems, and fight with alien invaders.

Game Theme
- Spacemen colony is fighting with one-eye creatures from other planet. The space guys need to collect all the gems during the invasion.

Monetization Method
- Watch Ads and get power weapon, extra life, royal weapon to fight the alien queen, or gems protection.

- More characters, maps, and different alien creatures.

What are the space game assets:
  1. Characters
  2. Environments & Terrains
  3. Elements
  4. Audio
  5. VFX Effects

You need just to make it happen!



Alien princess

Animated female alien princess character
details & order

Spaceman 2D game sprite

Animated space man 2d game sprite in with seven fully animated variations...
details & order

One eyed monster 2D game sprite collection

A bumper collection of one eyed monster game sprites including 12 pre-made and ...
details & order



Unique Projectiles

30 Stylized Projectiles that includes Spells, Bullets, Fireballs, Dark Magic...
details & order



Treasure game icons pack

21 game icons about 500x500px each: 3 bags, 5 chests, and more...
details & order

Gem Pack

A set of 3d gems rendered in 2d, Perfect for Minecraft style games, Small file size for mobile, ...
details & order



Mobile 2D Space Colony Building Assets

2D Assets for a sci-fi base/colony building game where you build a base by ...
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Retro Synthwave Music Pack

Album with 5 retro synthwave tracks featuring amazing synth lead melodies, cool bass lines and
details & order


Are you ready to put all these game assets into an adventure game?