Hexagon Globe (ver. 1.3) is a scripting framework for procedurally generate tiled sphere composed of hexagons and pentagons allowing you to generate planet.

The package is designed to display a spherical  model of the world map as a set of hexagonal tiles. This form is often used in the development of interactive games
for  the  display  position  of  units,  terrain  and  other  game  objects  on  spherical maps.
Pack tested for Unity version 5.6.3f1 and 2018.1.0b13 for PC platform.

The  package  contains  a  ready  to  compile  a  set  of  elements, showing the performance of all parts, such as a scene, materials, scripts, textures.
In  version  1.3,  the  package  functionality  was  expanded  to  editing  any  hex  tile vertexes and 2D map projection.
A UI was created that allows you to customize the details of each tile.
New  tile  parts  are  taken  into  account  in  the  course  of  the  pathfind  algorithm work.

After compile and start the project select menu “File”, change slider “Size”, and click to “New Globe” button. Result on picture above.

File menu contains buttons for control map generation, clearing, saving, loading, and exit of application. Sliders controls define map size, building method, and several properties of map generation.
Button “Map” open scalable and scrollable 2D map projection generated globe.


Press and hold “Ctrl”, press left mouse button and select area on map.

Menu  “Terrain”  contains  the  different  types  of  tiles  that  can  be  applied  to previously selected tiles to change them. See picture above.


The menu “Tile Editor” contains two submenu: “Borders” and “Vertexes”.
First  -  for editing roads and obstacles between tiles.

Depending on the file types,
you can select the type of road or obstacle between tiles. Edit roads and obstacles
is allowed only for one dedicated tile.
And second – for editing placement of each tile vertex.


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Hexagon globe (ver.1.3)

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