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This horror music pack is comprised of 5 full tracks and 5 stingers (WAV, 48000, stereo), suitable for ominous, suspenseful situations in horror, survival horror, zombie and other scary genres, ready to sharpen the intensity of your game and infuse it with terrifying textures. 

If you have any questions, if you need support with having these songs in different formats or you would like to hire me to compose custom music for your game, reach me using the contact form.

TRACKLIST (WAV, 48000, stereo):

1. Horror Ambience 1  [2:35]
2. Horror Ambience 2  [1:05]
3. Horror Ambience 3  [2:24]
4. Horror Ambience 4  [2:55]
5. Horror Ambience 5  [3:33]
6. Stinger_Scare 1  [0:13]
7. Stinger_Scare 2  [0:13]  
8. Stinger_Scare 3  [0:09]
9. Stinger_Scare 4  [0:06]
10. Stinger_Scare 5  [0:12]



Version:  1.0
Created in:  Reaper, East West
Bitrate (kbps):  3072
This audio loops seamlessly:  No
Genre:  Crime, Horror, Mystery, Survival
Recommended for the following Game Engines:  Amazon Lumberyard, AppGameKit, CryEngine, GameMaker, Godot, LibGDX, Others, RPG Maker, Unity, Unreal Engine, Urho3D
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Horror Music Pack I

By Cristian Lincu 0 0 37
wav (48000, stereo)
21 days ago
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