In this collection you will find 66 Japanese weapons. Each weapon has a real historical model. So if you are developing a game with a lot of attention to detail, then this package is the right choice for you.

The 3D models can be implemented in any engine that supports FBX files. The UV Islands are designed to have an optimal use of space on the texture space. Due to the 4k Textures, a high pixel density of the weapons is default, the weapons will keep a nice look with sharp outlines.

To improve the access speed and not to slow down your game, I have combined the texture types occlusion, roughness and metallic in one file.

Just to mention a few of the 67 weapons here:  Tekkan, Hachiwari, Katana, Wakizashi, Gunsen, Tessen, Gunbai, Kiseru, Kama, Manriki Kusari, Chigiriki, Yumi, Yumi Projectiles, Fukiya, Fukiya Projectiles, Hiya Taihou, Bohiya, Horokubiya, Shurikens, Tetsubishi, Makibishi, Yawara, Bo, Jo, Otsuchi, Sasumata, Shukou, Tekko-Kagi, Kakute, Shishito, Reverse Blade Katana, Yari, Shobo, Bokken.

Try my weapons and recommend me! If you like my work, I would be happy about a good rating.

Version:  1.0
3D Options:  Materials, Textured
Created in:  Blender
Poly count:  Between 150 and 8500 Vertexes per Mesh
Genre:  Adventure, Arcade, Crime, Fantasy, Fighting, General, Historical, Horror, Military, Mystery, RPG, Sandbox, Simulation, Sports, Strategy, Survival
Recommended for the following Game Engines:  Others, Unity, Unreal Engine
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Japanese Weapon Collection 2

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