Marketplace Terms and Conditions


A/ A 'Licence' means that the Asset Publisher (Seller with approved asset store) grants to Game Assets Marketplace (purely for sub-licensing to the Purchaser/Buyer) and therefor Game Assets Marketplace grants (as a sub-license thereof) to the Purchaser/Asset (upon complete order which can be for a free or paid asset) a non-exclusive, perpetual license to:

  • use the Licensed Asset to create Derivative Works/Media Product like a game or another digital product; 
  • use the Licensed Asset and any Derivative Works/Media Product as part of both Non-Monetized Media Products and Monetized Media Products. There is no restriction on the number of projects the Licensed Asset (purchased from Game Assets Marketplace with a completed order) may be used in. 

The Licensed Assets can be used in Media Products that are either:

  • used for personal use; 
  • used for commercial use.

B/ A Licence does not allow the Purchaser to:

  • Sell, resell, share, transfer, give away, sublicense or redistribute the Licensed Asset or Derivate Works other than as part of the relevant Media Product; 
  • Allow the user of the Media Product to extract the Licensed Asset or Derivative Works and use them outside of the appropriate Media Product.

C/ The asset seller (Publisher) has the right to:

  • sell unlimited numbers of uploaded assets under his/her account and the delegated license to Game Assets Marketplace for selling the assets for a commission of 20%.

Every seller is responsible for the uploaded assets, their authentic ownership over the intellectual property, quality, proper description, and its distribution.

In case that the Asset Creator (Publisher) decides to close his/her store on Game Assets Marketplace, all assets will be deleted/removed (and the granted license for sub-licensing will be terminated immediately).

Asset Approval

The marketplace requires the approval of each asset before publishing. It takes up to 24 hours to get approved. In some circumstances, the asset may not be approved due to:

  • missing files;
  • low quality;
  • unclear origin of the files;
  • in violation of our Terms of use;
  • others.

Outbound Links to other asset stores

  • Publishing links to different asset stores than is not allowed. All such links will be removed during the approval process. If the asset publisher edits the asset (upon approval) and adds the links to 3rd party stores again, the publisher may be suspended, and all his/her assets may be deleted.
  • Publishing any links to 3rd party sites in the asset description is not allowed. If the information can be embeded, the asset publisher needs to use the iFrame feature.


  • The marketplace requires a 20% commission per sale for each paid asset purchased through
  • There is no commission on the purchased free assets.


  • All payments pass through 3rd party sites like Stripe and PayPal. 
  • The payment when buying an asset is instant. The withdrawal of funds takes about 1-3 business days to get approved.
  • All the gained amount through asset sales is available for withdrawal at least three days after the purchase. The user has three days to request a refund.
  • To withdrawal the earned amount from sold game assets, you need to have a minimum amount of $50 in your account at
  • To requrest a withdrawal, the asset creator needs to add a PayPal account associated with his/her name (which is used on the marketplace).

Asset Pricing

The asset creator can choose to publish his/her assets as free or paid. For 'Free' Assets, there is no commission earned and no profit for the seller as well. All free assets are available for instant download upon order.

  • For 'Paid' assets, the creator may choose between 'Fixed price' and 'Accept Bids'.
  • All paid assets are a subject of commission taken during the order.
  • All paid assets are a subject of all available promotions on the website.

Premium Listing

  • The asset publisher may choose to get premium listing for his/her assets. This feature is available on the last step before publishing.

Last update: 20/05/2020

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