100+ animated characters in pixel style. 

Content List: (sprite count)

Animal Bear x6 Camel x6 Cat x6 Caw x6 Chicken x6 Crab x4 Deer x6 Dog x6 Dragon x6 Duck x6 Fish x8 Fox x6 Giraffe x6 Hedgehog x4 Horse x6 Jellyfish x2 Koala x6 Leopard x6 Monkey x6 Mouse x2 Panda x6 Penguin x6 Pig x6 Rabbit x6 Shark x2 Sheep x6 Snake x3 Squid x6 Squirrel x5 Tiger x6 Triceratops x6 Walrus x6 Whale x2 Fighter Human Axe Man x14 Axe Soldier x14 Black Punch Man x14 Blacksmith Man x14 Copper Sword Man x14 Hammer Man x14 Hammer Soldier x14 Knife Man x14 Long Knife Man x14 Magic Soldier x14 Pan Dwarf Man x14 Rod Soldier x14 Scissors Man x14 Spear Black Man x14 Spear Man x14 Spear Soldier x14 Spiner Boy x14 Sword Man 0 x14 Sword Man 1 x14 Sword Soldier x13 Orc Big Arm Man x14 Big Man x14 Flat Head Lady x14 Orc Boy x14 Tall Man x14 Savage Big Mouth Man x14 Big Nose Man x14 Crazy Hair Lady x14 Curly Hair Lady x14 Dull Man x14 Flat Head Man x14 Humpback Man x14 Moon Head Man x14 Smile Boy x14 Tall Lady x14 Tri Eye Man x14 Witch Lady x14 Monster Bat x4 Dook x8 Hydralisk x6 Skull x8 Slime x6 Spider x6 Yeti x8 Zombie x8 NPC Human Bag Boy x8 Black Lady x8 Black Man x8 Boss x8 Buck Teeth Boy x8 Centaur x8 Cook x8 Cow Boy x8 Crazy Hari Boy x8 Doctor x8 Double Head x8 Earphone Girl x8 Fat Boy x8 Fire Hair Girl x8 Fringe Girl x8 Gold Hair Girl x8 Green Lady x8 Green Sweater Man x8 Lollipop Girl x8 Medieval Man x8 Old Man x8 Pink Dress Girl x8 Red Hair Boy x8 Sandy Boy x8 Sport Girl x8 Suit Man 0 x8 Tramp x8 Orc Big Arm Man x8 Big Man x8 Flat Head Lady x8 Orc Boy x8 Tall Man x8 Savage Big Mouth Man x8 Big Nose Man x8 Crazy Hair Lady x8 Curly Hair Lady x8 Dull Man x8 Flat Head Man x8 Humpback Man x8 Moon Head Man x8 Smile Boy x8 Tall Lady x8 Tri Eye Man x8 Witch Lady x8

——— ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ ———-

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Version:  1.0.0
Options:  Animated, Sprite
Created in:  Aseprite, Unity
Genre:  General, RPG
Recommended for the following Game Engines:  Unity
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Moenen Pixel Collection - Character

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7 months ago
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