170+ environment objects in pixel style. My artworks in GooglePhoto Content List: (sprite count) Building Apartment_0 x12 Factory x2 Hospital x6 House_0 x10 House_1 x3 House_2 x3 House_3 x6 Office x6 Oilwell x8 Stairs x6 Decoration Breakable Object x24 Chest x21 Crystal x100 Flag x96 Ruin Blood x119 Ruin x119 Stone x57 Street x96 Furniture Animal Specimens x24 Bed x12 Cabinet x25 Clock x12 Column x14 Door x12 Fan x12 Fireplace x11 Flower x48 Lamp x28 Misc x14 Painting x10 Shelf x14 Sofa x18 Table Chair x33 Window x12 ——— ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ ———- Twitter @_Moenen E-mail
Version:  1.0.0
Options:  Sprite
Created in:  Aseprite
Genre:  Adventure, General, RPG
Recommended for the following Game Engines:  Unity
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Moenen Pixel Collection - Environment

By MoenenGames 0 0 202
png, ase
11 months ago
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