120+ props objects in pixel style. 

Content List: (sprite count)

Food Fruit Apple x20 Banana x15 Blueberry x8 Grape x8 Orange x15 Peach x5 Pear x15 Pineapple x5 Strawberry x6 Watermelon x5 Meat Beef x8 ChickenWing x10 Pork x8 PorkChop x10 Steak x10 Snack Bread x5 Cake x11 CakeRoll x4 Chips x8 Cola x18 EggTart x4 Hamburg x5 Vegetable Cabbage x13 Carrot x4 Corn x4 Cucumber x5 Eggplant x4 Mushroom x64 Pepper x14 Potato x6 Scallion x5 Tomato x6 Misc Anchor x3 Animal Specimens x24 Basket x11 Book x60 Bottle x42 Box x46 Chest x21 Coin x28 Crystal x100 Lamp x28 Letter x97 Painting x10 Weapon Axe x11 Bow x10 Hammer x8 Shield x4 Spear x8 Staff x8 Sword x12

——— ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ ———-

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Version:  1.0.0
Options:  Sprite
Created in:  Aseprite
Genre:  Adventure, General, RPG
Recommended for the following Game Engines:  Unity
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Moenen Pixel Collection - Props

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7 months ago
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