120+ 3D Models in Voxel Style.

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Content List :

1 – Animal:

Cat x 3 Chicken x 3 Cow x 3 Dog x 3 Horse x 3 Loong Monkey x 3 Mouse x 3 Pig x 3 Rabbit x 3 Sheep x 3 Snake x 3 Tiger x 3

2-Citizen Dragon x 3 Loong x 1 Gentleman x 3 Man x 3 OldMan x 2 OldWoman x 2 Rogue x 2 Soldier x 2 Warrior x 2 Woman x 2 Beast x 2 Killer Orc x 4

3-Monster: Bat x 3 Dooke x 3 Helldog x 3 Hydralisk x 3 Minotaur x 3 Mutalisk x 3 Octopus x 3 Skull x 3 Troll x 3 Yeti x 3 Zombie x 3 BatBoss DookeBoss HelldogBoss HydraliskBoss MinotaurBoss MutaliskBoss OctopusBoss SkullBoss TrollBoss YetiBoss ZombieBoss

4-StarSign: Aquarius Aries Cancer Capricornus Gemini Leo Libra Pisces Sagittarius Scorpio Taurus Virgo

5-Tiny: Hero x 4

Version:  1.0.0
3D Options:  Textured
Created in:  MagicaVoxel
Poly count:  ?
Genre:  Adventure, General, RPG
Recommended for the following Game Engines:  Unity
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Moenen Voxel Collection Character

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