Common medieval folk from common medieval places, busy with common things. Can be met in any common medieval town. Real Medieval Characters look like real people from 13-15 centuries. Each character belongs to a certain period and region of Europe. No eclectic theatrical costumes, or dummy leather armour. Real Medieval Characters are clad in good old wool and steel. The design is based on medieval manuscript miniatures and historical artefacts. All clothes are authentic. The pack includes: - 4 unique characters. Images format: png, 1300х1080 px, 72 dpi. Please note that the characters are not animated. - 8 avatars 300х300px, square and round.
Version:  1.0
Options:  Sprite
Created in:  CSP
Genre:  Fantasy, General, Historical, RPG
Recommended for the following Game Engines:  Amazon Lumberyard, AppGameKit, CryEngine, GameMaker, Godot, LibGDX, Others, RPG Maker, Unity, Unreal Engine, Urho3D
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Real Medieval Characters - Commoners

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1 year ago
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