How to Sell Game Assets

Every asset creator can publish and sell items to indie game developers. It's a simplified process, with an express approval period.

We're proud to provide a user-friendly platform to asset publishers from all over the world.

Sell Game Assets

Free Account

Sign up with Google, Facebook, or your email

Easy Uploads

Everything is made to be as easy as possible

Quick approval

Your assets will be live in less than 12 hours

Low Commission

Only 20% commission per sale, guaranteed

The Portfolio Marketplace

The platform is built to become a leading place for game assets portfolio, with the lowest commission in the market, and the user-friendly service.

Every asset publisher can send asset buyers to use the marketplace because it's more profitable to use only a 20% commission and store all your assets for free in one place.

The marketplace has an option for bidding and unpublishing any asset upon order. There are many flexible options to manage your assets and sales.

How to get started with selling game assets

1/ Create Seller Account 

Sign up as a seller (vendor), and create your free account. There are no monthly fees, no subscription, no need to wait for account approval.

The flat commission per sale is only 20%!

open seller account

2/ Configure Your Asset Store 

To become a more attractive seller, and gain an audience, you can set up a charming online shop with banner, custom text, profile picture, etc.

It's recommended to think of your store as a brand.

3/ Upload Your Game Assets

From your dashboard, you can add a product in 3 easy steps:

  • Add all the information for this asset, choose the most appropriate category, and provide the required technical details
  • Add the Asset (in .ZIP format). You can add a watermark to protect your intellectual property.
  • Publish the product. Then, we'll do a quick review in the next 12-24 hours maximum.

From your dashboard, you can track every order, your current balance, performance stats, request withdrawal, and more.

Available payment methods (to withdraw your earnings):

  • PayPal - 1$ minimum balance required
  • IBAN & SEPA - 200$  minimum balance required
  • SWIFT (International Transfers) - $250  minimum balance required

All fees for transfers are deducted from the balance.

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