Format JPG 4096 x 4096 Triangles 1.7k Vertices 993 PBR Metalness Textures 5 UV Layers Yes Vertex colors Yes
Version:  2.0
3D Options:  Materials, Textured
Created in:  Blender
Poly count:  1.7K
Genre:  Adventure, Anime, Arcade, Beat Em Up, Children, Crime, Driving, Fantasy, General, Historical, Mystery, Science Fiction, Shoot Em Up, Simulation, Strategy, Survival, Tycoon
Recommended for the following Game Engines:  Amazon Lumberyard, AppGameKit, CryEngine, GameMaker, Godot, LibGDX, Others, RPG Maker, Unity, Unreal Engine, Urho3D
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TV old retro

By OverFlowGame 0 0 128
9 months ago
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