Introducing a cross-platform mod SDK and API from the team behind and Created over the last 3 years, the Mod Browser and Manager for Unity makes it easy to integrate user generated content directly into your game. It is highly adaptable, open-source, supports all stores, is platform agnostic and takes minutes to setup and get running through the use of the pre-built UI.

If you are familiar with Steam Workshop but need a solution that works on Steam as well as the Epic Games Store,, Discord, GOG, console and mobile, then for Unity is the tool for you. Our aim is to make it easy to enable the creativity of your community, and extend the life and success of your game with mods.

Features include:

Platform agnostic, supporting 1 click mod installs on Steam, Epic Games Store, Discord, GOG,, console and mobile.
Clientless, with no other dependencies and works behind the scenes in your game.
Simple C# interface for connecting with workshop API built on the Unity Engine that manages all the interaction with the servers, supporting basic caching and download management.
User Management, allowing for synchronized subscriptions, mod rating, and content submission.
Powerful and flexible default UI, providing a solid and extensible mod browsing interface to facilitate easy integration.

Fast and easy integration:

Download the Unity package and import it into your project.
Drop the _ModBrowser prefab into your menu scene, or adapt the ExampleScene for your purposes.
Set up your game on (or our private test environment) to get your game ID and API key.
Input your ID and API key by selecting "Plugin Settings" on the ModBrowser component inspector, or under the Settings menu item.
In your code, make a call to ModManager.GetInstalledModDirectories() to get a list of mod data your player has installed.

Join our community:

This project is constantly receiving updates, has an active development community who have built Discord bots, wrappers and command line tools you can use. We welcome feedback to help us ensure we're providing your game with the best mod support possible. Join us on Discord if you need support or have questions and we will continue to share updates here.

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Unity Mod Browser & Manager for PC, Console and Mobile

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