In this file you will find Voxel characters for your game.

All models are made by me in Magica Voxel and then made into OBJ files using Blender.

All models use the same texture.

Every model has about 1600 Tris.
This so that you as a customer get the original of each character.
For stiffer body, you can remove Tris, Edges etc. until the character handles as you wish in any animation.

I use Blender but any software that can open .obj files will work.

These characters are very easy to use with Mixamo’s auto rigger.
In this pack there is a png image (MixamoRigging.png) of how you can place skeleton markers to get good results using Mixamo.

File content:

  • MixamoRigging.png (png image)
  • README.txt (text file)

CharactersObj (folder)

  • ApolloCreed.obj (Object file)
  • Knight.obj (Object file)
  • ManElf.obj (Object file)
  • ManFireFighter.obj (Object file)
  • ManFullBathingSuit.obj (Object file)
  • ManGreenSoldier.obj (Object file)
  • ManJacket00.obj (Object file)
  • ManJacket01.obj (Object file)
  • ManJacketHood.obj (Object file)
  • ManMaleNurse.obj (Object file)
  • ManNude.obj (Object file)
  • ManPoliceMan.obj (Object file)
  • ManSailorBareFeet.obj (Object file)
  • ManSanta.obj (Object file)
  • ManShorts.obj (Object file)
  • ManSpeedos.obj (Object file)
  • ManUncleSam.obj (Object file)
  • ManZombie.obj (Object file)
  • Skeleton.obj (Object file)
  • WomanBikini.obj (Object file)
  • WomanCasual.obj (Object file)
  • WomanDoctor.obj (Object file)
  • WomanDress.obj (Object file)
  • WomanFullBathingSuit.obj (Object file)
  • WomanNude.obj (Object file)
  • WomanPolice.obj (Object file)
  • WomanSailor.obj (Object file)
  • WomanShorts.obj (Object file)
  • WomanSportyPink.obj (Object file)
  • WomanTightDress.obj (Object file)

CharactersVox (folder)

  • ApolloCreed.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • Knight.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • Man0005.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManElf.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManFireFighter.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManFullBathingSuit.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManGreenSoldier.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManJacket00.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManJacket01.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManJacketHood.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManMaleNurse.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManNude.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManPoliceMan.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManSailorBareFeet.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManSanta.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManShorts.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManSpeedos.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManUncleSam.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • ManZombie.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • Skeleton.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • Woman0004.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • Woman0006.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • WomanBikini.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • WomanCasual.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • WomanDoctor.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • WomanDress.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • WomanFullBathingSuit.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • WomanNude.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • WomanPolice.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • WomanSailor.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • WomanShorts.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • WomanSportyPink.vox (Magica Voxel file)
  • WomanTightDress.vox (Magica Voxel file)

Texture (folder)

  • pal.png (graphic)
Version:  1
3D Options:  Textured
Created in:  Blender, MagicaVoxel
Poly count:  57948
Genre:  Adventure, Arcade, Beat Em Up, Children, Crime, Driving, Fantasy, Fighting, General, Historical, Horror, Military, Mystery, Puzzle, RPG, Sandbox, Science Fiction, Shoot Em Up, Simulation, Sports, Strategy, Survival, Tycoon
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Voxel Characters

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